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If you have any questions about Pure Green Coffee and our products, you should find the answers here, but if you don’t, please feel free to email us at office@puregreen.coffee and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Unroasted coffee beans – pure green coffee – are an essential ingredient in all our products, because they offer a range of positive health benefits. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee is believed to enhance the metabolism and aid detox, and one of the reasons we use green coffee in our beauty products is because it has a high capacity to retain moisture and helps hydrate the skin.

Using natural ingredients is very important to us and, as well as green coffee, we use a range of herbal ingredients which support body detox and weight loss and nourish the skin. All our products are vegan and our beauty range is dermatologically tested. You can find more information about what goes into our products on the Pure Green Coffee website ingredients pages.

Our delivery costs are included within the price on Amazon.co.uk

We currently only ship to mainland UK via Amazon.co.uk

For delivery timelines, please refer to your Amazon order confirmation details.  Most orders will be delivered within 2 working days.  Amazon Prime members may receive their orders next day.

Orders can be cancelled that haven’t entered the shipping process yet at Amazon.  After this point, orders cannot be cancelled.

Please refer to Amazon’s return policy.

To prepare a Detox Green Coffee, place one coffee bag in a cup and pour over 200ml of hot water (90°C/195F). Let it steep for around three minutes, then remove the coffee bag and enjoy your Detox Green Coffee. You can add milk or a natural sweetener if desired.

Yes, it does. Caffeine occurs naturally in green coffee beans and has a number of health benefits. Our Detox Green Coffee also contains black or roasted coffee beans, which means it’s a great substitute for your usual cup of coffee, but it’s also why we suggest you have no more than two cups per day. You can find more information about what goes into our products and their health benefits on the Pure Green Coffee website ingredients page.

To date, we have developed a Body Scrub, a Face & Body Wash and a Face & Body Mask, all of which contain green coffee and a carefully chosen selection of natural herbs. They’re all vegan and dermatologically tested, too, and are available in Mighty Mint or Awesome Orange ‘flavours’. However, we do plan to extend the range in the future.

All our products are best used within three months of opening, and once you’ve opened them, do keep the packaging closed to maintain freshness. You will also find a ‘best before’ date on all our products.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have any medical conditions or may be allergic to any of the ingredients, which include caffeine and natural herbs, please consult your doctor before using any of our products.

The packaging used for our Detox Green Coffee and beauty products is widely recyclable, but please check your local recycling arrangements. The coffee grounds themselves can be composted, but, although the coffee bags don’t contain plastic and are biodegradable, they will biodegrade very slowly, so we recommend you recycle them with your food waste, rather than putting them in your compost bin.

Yes, we do sell our Detox Green Coffee and our beauty products wholesale. If you’re interested in buying our products in bulk, please contact us via email at office@puregreen.coffee, letting us know which products are of interest, what volume you need and when you need them by.

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